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Writing a diary - The how, the why, the when...

A lot of students fell like that they have so much to say, but sometimes don't know how to say it. Writing a diary or journal can help in a big way. A diary can be about anything; your day, your favourite TV show, something you ate or even a film you like.

Look at the following example: -

Today, I woke up at 6:45 and had toast for breakfast.

The weather is nice today so I did the washing and went to the market.

The market is really close to my house and they have lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

I go to the market once a week, sometimes twice!

By writing something like this we put English into our world. Next it is important to record ourselves saying this into our smartphone or recording device. Below is a video of me doing that.

This can feel a little embarrassing but don't worry about it.

Then try to memorize (remember) the passage and speak about it with your teacher or classmates. This helps you think in English which is the first step to becoming a speaker.

Look forward to hearing yours!

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