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Hokkaido - Summer 2020

Day One

It was my first time in Sendai airport and I was surprised by how nice it is. It is similar to Haneda because of the restaurant terrace which was sadly closed at 7 AM. I had a delicious cup of coffee from “flat white” which wasn’t too expensive and waited to check into my flight.

I arrived in Hokkaido about 10:30 AM and the weather was cold with a strong wind blowing meaning the touchdown was a little bumpy.

I met my family there who had got an earlier flight. We got the rental car and drove to Hitsujigaoka, ate a delicious bowl of miso ramen (I forgot to take a picture!) and took a look at the amazing views. The ice sculpture museum was interesting and my son bough a ramen magnet.

In the evening we went to a famous izakaya called “Umi Hachikyo” which served delicious seafood including sashimi, a huge piece of fatty salmon and salmon roe. Of course we drank some beer and lemon sours to end the night.

Miso Ramen shop near Hitsujigaoka

The view from Hitsujigaoka

Staff serving salmon roe. The shop had many signatures from Japanese celebrities.

Posters on the wall of the shop including a picture of the owner. Can you guess which one?

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