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Hokkaido - Summer 2020

Day Two

In the morning we ate breakfast in the hotel. The food was very good as expected. I ate rice with pickles, miso soup as well as fresh salmon.

Firstly, we drove to melon road which was incredible. There were so many shops selling melons and melon snacks and sweets. I bought a souvenir for the Seed students and we continued on our way.

Next, we stopped at Takinoue park. What a wonderful place. The river runs through the valley there so there were bridges built over it. They sway as you walk over them making it feel like an adventure. The weather was beautiful and we even saw the Ozoro line express train as we arrived back at the car.

We continued on our way to Heidi farm with a quick stop at Mauinooka Rest area for a snack.

Lucas, my son was really excited to see the animals and was happy to see the pigs and cows. He even fed a baby goat. We had some fresh ice-cream made from the milk of the same cows we saw.

In the evening we ate Genghi Khan at Yoyotei in the Susukino area of Sapporo before heading back to get some rest.


The view from Takinoue Park

Hills surrounding Melon road.

A Pig in Heidi park.

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