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How to practice English at home

Practicing English at home is important if you want to improve quickly. What can you do? Here is a list of 10 things you can do to practice at home.

  1. Re-read your worksheet or textbook - The easiest way to review is to simply re-read your last lesson.

  2. Write more examples to use in class. Find a chance to talk to your other class mates or the teacher and practice them.

  3. Write a diary. Practice. Remember and Present it to your friends or teacher by making it into a conversation.

  4. Read a graded reading book. This is good way to check your level. It is also a fun way to learn vocabulary.

  5. Listen to a Podcast! Here is a list of podcasts you can checkout.

  6. Watch a movie or drama in English. Write down the words you DO understand, Don't worry about the things you DON'T understand. Read the list of words again and try to understand the story.

  7. Download an app for your smartphone. This is a list of great apps that will help you learn.

  8. Talk to a friend! If you don't know any English speaking friends then talk to your classmates. It's a great way to practice and you can help each other.

  9. Watch YouTube. There are lot's of channels designed to help you learn English. Here is one I like.

  10. Email me! I am always here to help.

I hope these help you. Let me know in the comments or ask me about them at the school or online!

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